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Since 2003 ACTIS has been committed to a strict “Quality, Safety and Environmental” policy which forms fun interesting informative speech topics the basis of the company’s approach towards innovation.

Examples of environmental actions:

  • Implementation of waste sorting and re-use of packaging between the Group’s production sites;
  • Planning production runs in order to avoid the need to keep stopping and restarting machinery thereby reducing energy consumption;
  • 20% reduction in the number of delivery trucks used due to the folding and palletisation of certain products (Triso-Super 9 max, Triso-Laine max and Triso-Protec) greatly optimising their carbon footprint;
  • Investment in special machinery enabling production hydraulic juice press offcuts to be reused, giving a wastage rate of almost zero;
  • Product life cycle analysis (underway);
  • Gradual replacement of raw materials derived from fossil energies by renewable raw materials.

ACTIS also pledges to preserve user health and safety:

  • Products designed to preserve internal air quality;
  • Products resistant to decay, no fungicide treatment necessary;
  • User-friendly ergonomic installation no skin irritation caused by the products.