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ACTIS has been certified to ISO 9001 since July 2005 and to ISO 14001 since August 2008.

A sustained effort is made to audit the company at regular intervals in order to improve both the quality of its products and services and to reduce the company’s impact on the environment.

The certification remit includes the “design, manufacture and marketing of thin reflective multifoil insulation products, as well as in situ trials to measure their thermal performance.”

Implementation of a traceability system for thin multifoil insulation products

Since January 2008, each roll of ACTIS multifoil insulation carries a traceability number identifying the batch from which it came. This traceability procedure enables the tracking of ACTIS’ insulation products for 10 years from date of their manufacture. Moreover the external film of each roll is printed with the company name.

A high-performance industrial tool

Since 2003 ACTIS has invested 25 million Euros into 4 production sites in the Languedoc-Roussillon region and has a total production surface area of 45,000 m2.
The manufacturing process benefits from a computer-aided management and manufacturing system, which optimises team operations and allows for a direct logistics flow operation.

Controlled quality at each stage of production

In the interest of quality, nearly all the components of ACTIS’ insulation products are now manufactured in house:

  • Thin reflective multifoil insulation products: reflective film extrusion and metallization, wadding manufacture, foam extrusion and assembly of the multilayer insulation product by hot-melt lamination or sewing;
  • Wood-fibre based insulation: defibration of wood chips and board manufacture;
  • Reflective underlays: reflective film extrusion and metallization, wadding manufacture and assembly of the underlay by hot-melt lamination.

ACTIS controls the quality of its products throughout the manufacturing chain, from raw materials to finished products, including production and measurement equipment, packaging and distribution. Audits are carried out annually by Bureau Veritas to verify conformity with ISO 9001.